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“Everyone of those guys was unbelievable. We thought we knew a lot about Paintless Dent Repair. You guys showed us there is a whole different world even we didn't know.”

Scott Caldwell

Co-Owner, Millennium Paint &

Body Works

Horn Lake, MS


“One of the greatest things I’ve learned is it takes a village to make it work. We strive in excellence and expect it from all team members unfortunately we do run into a lot of storms we just don’t have the right people for storm management and we always rely on PDR1USA. Rodney Vance has built teams to work with all our needs. They are professional and exhibit outstanding workmanship and work ethic far too none. 

PDR1 USA’s staff understand hail claims, the process and won’t let you nor your customers down in any manner."

Randy Hobson

Owner & Founder,

DenTrust USA

Crestwood, MO



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